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Why Should I Move to Wisconsin?

When deciding on the next new place to move to, you might not think of Wisconsin as your first option, but Wisconsin is undoubtedly a very unique and exciting place to live, and there are many positives to living in Wisconsin! There are things for all different types of people to do here, whether that means wanting fun nightlife or great camping spots, Wisconsin has you covered in all different areas.

First, let’s talk about the cost of living in Wisconsin. While it is going to be different depending on where in Wisconsin you choose to live, generally, the average cost of living in Wisconsin is going to be lower than the average cost of living in the surrounding states. Even living just over the border and moving into Illinois would be much more expensive than life here in Wisconsin! Living in Madison or Milwaukee may bring the price up, but typically if you’re outside of a city, your cost of living will not be as crazy and expensive as some other place in the country would be.

Now, if you don’t live in Wisconsin, I’m not sure how much you know about the cheese here, but it is a Wisconsin staple. It may not seem like a big perk of living in Wisconsin, but you will completely understand the excitement and hype around the cheese here once you’re here. Of course, there are other things for the state to be proud of, but I’m pretty sure this is the only state where it’s a common occurrence for there to be cheese sold everywhere and for cheese hats to be sold in most stores.

If you’re someone who needs some fresh air, likes to camp and loves a good hike, Wisconsin is the place for you. With 66 state parks and two national parks, there is plenty to discover and explore throughout the state of Wisconsin. If you like to kayak or go canoeing, there is also plenty of space to do that as well. When it comes to exploring the great outdoors, Wisconsin has everything you need.

With cities like Milwaukee and Madison, you can also get a taste of city life if that’s what you crave. Madison is a great place to live and has such an incredible mix of people. Plus, Madison is home to the University of Wisconsin and has a beautiful campus that brings more people to the city every year.

Wisconsin also gets to experience all four seasons. In the Summer, it gets hot and feels like you’re in the South while still being in the midwest. In the Winter, you want a snowy holiday season like in the movies, and I think Wisconsin is a great place to experience that. Sitting by your fireplace looking outside the window to see the snow falling while watching a Christmas movie, it’s seriously a great feeling. In the Spring, when the snow is melting, and the grass and the flowers start to grow back, you get to see everything come back to life. And in the Fall, you get to experience the leaves on the trees all changing colors, and with all of the trees in Wisconsin, it turns the state into such a beautiful place to be during those Fall months.

There are some great places to vacation in Wisconsin as well. First, you have Door County, which is a great place to visit with all of the different restaurants they have, and all of the fun places to walk and shop are incredible. They have great fish, excellent cherry pie, and great beer, which is also a Wisconsin essential. There is also the Wisconsin Dells, which is known as the water capital of the world and is home to the world’s largest water park, Noah’s Ark, and the country’s largest indoor and outdoor combined waterpark, The Wilderness Resort. It’s such a niche thing that you really can’t get anywhere else. Finally, you wouldn’t think that you’d need a swimsuit when traveling to Wisconsin, but you’ll need one, even in the winter months.

With all of this information, I’m sure you’re set on your decision to move to Wisconsin. Nothing can compare to this fantastic state and all of the unique qualities it has. So maybe plan a trip to get the first-hand experience of Wisconsin, and then when you’re ready, you know the person to call to get a head start on your moving plans!

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