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Traveling Wisconsin

When you’re living in Wisconsin and thinking about traveling, you’re probably thinking about going somewhere far away and out of the state. Well, I’m here to tell you about the different places all within your beautiful home state of Wisconsin that you can travel to without and have a great time at without having to go thousands of miles away.

  1. Some cities are definitely worthwhile and full of things to keep you busy. To start off, Milwaukee is full of all sorts of fun things to do. First, suppose you’re a fan of museums. In that case, you can fill all of your time in Milwaukee by seeing all of the great museums that Milwaukee has to offer, including the Milwaukee Public Museum, Discovery World, Museum of Wisconsin Art, the Betty Brinn Children’s Museum, and more. On top of the museums, there is also the Milwaukee County Zoo which is filled with fun and educational things too. And since we’re talking about Milwaukee, I can’t just skip past the many, many breweries that you’ll be able to see the minute you enter the city. 
  2. Milwaukee is a great city, but we can’t forget about another great city of Wisconsin: Madison. Madison is home to some significant parts of Wisconsin, including their state capitol and the University of Wisconsin – Madison campus, which are two really great things that you will definitely want to see on your next trip to Madison. This Wisconsin State Capitol is a beautiful building, and it is definitely recommended that you take a guided tour once you’re there.
  3. Another great place to visit would be the oldest town in Wisconsin and widely popular within the football community, Green Bay! Green Bay really seems to have everything from football, to museums, to amusement parks, and everything in between. If you’re looking for some roller coasters, I’d say Bay Beach Amusement Park is the way to go. And of course, head over to Lambeau Field to watch a Packers game if it’s the season, or take a tour through the stadium. 
  4. You can also take a trip down to southern Wisconsin and visit the wonderful town of Lake Geneva. There are things to do in this town all year long. If you’re up for it, there’s a path that you can walk on that is 21 miles and actually circles the entirety of the lake. I recommend a few miles at a time! Shopping is also a big thing there. There are so many little shops to walk to in their downtown area. A big thing that’s in Lake Geneva is the Grand Geneva Resort and Spa. Just in that one resort, you can find many things to do, such as golfing, dining at a nice restaurant, horseback riding, and swimming in their giant indoor waterpark. And then, obviously, in the Summertime you can go have a beach day as well. This town really has everything. 
  5. In La Crosse, there are many things to do as well. There is another University of Wisconsin campus in this town, too, so you can take some time to go tour the campus. In La Crosse, there is also a place called Granddad Bluff Park, which is the most elevated spot in the area. When overlooking the highest point, not only do you get to see the UW Lacrosse campus, but you can also actually see three total states. Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Iowa! It’s a great view. There are also plenty of other trails to hike throughout the rest of the park too.
  6. Another place I’ll talk about is the amazing city of Kenosha and the surrounding areas! Being from Kenosha, I have found that there are many things to do here, and if I weren’t from Kenosha, these are the things I’d want to travel here to do! First, it’s right on Lake Michigan, so there are plenty of beaches to go to during Summer. There are also many museums to visit in this city, including the Kenosha Public Museum, which already has a lot to do within it. Something else exciting in the area is the Bristol Renaissance Faire. The Faire goes on every weekend of the Summer and is always exciting to visit, and every visit can be different from the last. There is also Wilmot mountain right in the area, so you can snowboard, ski, or go tubing on this incredible mountain. The Kenosha Harbor Market goes on every Saturday during the Summer up until the end of October, so it goes on for quite some time, and there is plenty to walk through and look at and shop for when going to the Harbor Market. There are also so many local events happening all the time in Kenosha and all of the surrounding areas.
  7. Door County, Wisconsin, is another incredible place to travel. Door County is that little peninsula in Wisconsin and consists of many cute little towns that people love to visit. The main things to do in Door County are probably walking around through the local shops, eat at all of the local restaurants (get ready to eat some whitefish), eat anything cherry, and drink lots of beer from the local breweries! Those things alone will take up all of your time in this beautiful Wisconsin peninsula! 

There are definitely so many more places to travel to in Wisconsin, but there isn’t enough time in the world to go in-depth about the great locations throughout the state! I hope you guys enjoyed the article, and I hope you’re now planning a trip to see the fantastic wonders of Wisconsin!

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