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Photographing your House

When selling your house, there are so many things to think about. One of those things is making sure you have photos that highlight the best parts of your home to attract potential buyers to the photos enough to be interested. If you need to take your own photos of your house and need the photos to look the best possible, here are some things you can do for that.

  • Make sure you declutter every part of your house before taking pictures. You want people to see the pictures without them getting distracted and thinking about all of your stuff that’s in them.
  • Go through your home and try looking at it from a different perspective. You may notice things you wouldn’t have seen before from how you walk through the house every day.
  • Choose to take pictures on a day and at a time in which you will have good lighting. You don’t want to shoot these photos on a rainy day. You want to show off how much light comes into the house and how beautiful the house looks with the daylight shining into it. 
  • The editing of the photos will matter as well. You have to make sure you use the right tools when photographing your house because these photos could make or break potential buyers coming to see your house.
  • Make sure you’re choosing the best angles for each room. Every room will be different because it’s used for different things, has different focal points, and is shaped differently, so there are going to be different angles that would be best for each room. Try out a few different angles for each room, and then decide which one would be the best to showcase each space.
  • Take many photos. You can always go back and delete some pictures, but you don’t always have the chance to go back and get a better shot with the same lighting and time of day. Take a lot of pictures, and then take your time to go through them to decide which ones are the best.
  • If there are specific parts of your house that you’d like to have pictures of to showcase, then take those pictures too. Not every single one of the photos needs to be shots of the entire room. Sometimes it’s better to show off one thing that could make someone want to come to tour your house.
  • Getting photos taken professionally may seem like an unnecessary expense, but when it comes down to it, if the pictures of a house look perfect, you have a higher chance of selling your house in a more timely manner and possibly for more money. Taking the photos yourself may seem like a good decision, and you may think that your images look good, but I’m sure if you compared your pictures with the exact same shot but taken by a professional, you would notice the difference. Plus, photographers will typically have tools to make their photos look better that you may not have access to such as a drone where they can get aerial shots and shots from further away which could potentially reel in more people to come look at the house.
  • Contact your realtor and ask them for suggestions. They will probably know of a few different photographers that can photograph your house for you and make it look incredible!

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