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New Year’s Resolutions For Your Home

The holidays are coming to an end. The relatives are packed up from their visit and on their way home. All the decorations are put away for the next year’s festivities and then you realize……you need to start planning your New Year’s resolution.

As a homeowner the New Year is a great time to set goals for your home. You can compose a list for all the resolutions or To-Do’s you plan on accomplishing this year for you and your home.

Here are some ideas to get you started!

Declutter your closets-Donate unwanted items or save for a rummage sale. Organize and group like items while you store them, which helps you prepare ahead of time for the rummage sale. A quick trick for figuring out which clothes you should get rid of, flip all your hangers the opposite way and in a month all the hangers that aren’t flipped forward get rid of. Another way to easily declutter is to keep a donation box available to place things in when you know you won’t be keeping it.

Windows- Check all windows and screens. Repair any torn screens and change out screens or storm windows depending on the season. Clean at least once a year during the warmer seasons.

Furnace and Detectors- Change out furnace filter and batteries for smoke and Co2 detectors, then schedule to do again in 6 months.

Landscape- Start researching and planning any landscaping projects for the yard. Keep in mind the cost, maintenance and location of plants since this can impact the type of plant you would purchase.

Organization-especially for those cozier homes, your items and space change throughout the year, its time to re-examine how your space works for you. TikTok and YouTube has risen in popularity for vloggers to share tips and tricks on how to organize your home. Also, you can check out Amazon for items that will help with your organization goals.

Preparation for upcoming seasons-give your snowblower or lawnmower a checkup, have your chimney cleaned and inspected.

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