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How to Give Your House Better Curb Appeal

Let’s start with what curb appeal is. The actual definition is “the attractiveness of a property for sale and its surroundings when viewed from the street.” So, what can you do to have better curb appeal and to get your house sold faster? Here are some things you can do to improve your house’s curb appeal. 

One essential thing is making sure you are taking care of the yard. Keeping the grass green and making sure it’s being mowed and weeded. If you’re taking care of it and keeping up with it anyway, this shouldn’t be the hardest thing to do!

Add some flowers and plants to the front of your house. This can either be done by planting an actual garden, or you can take the easier route by buying some plants and some planters that go well with the rest of the house and put those on the front porch. 

Changing up small things can make a big difference as well. Maybe the house numbers don’t exactly go well with the rest of the house, and perhaps the hardware on the front door could use an upgrade. This can help to modernize the look of your home a bit. 

One thing that can make a huge difference in your curb appeal is pressure washing. The color of your house will look brighter and cleaner after pressure washing. Also, don’t only pressure wash the house; you can use it on the driveway, the path leading up to your home, the front porch, the garage. Anywhere on the outside of your house could benefit from a good pressure wash. 

Paint your front door! This could mean painting it a fun color that will attract potential buyers, or if your white door is looking dirty and old, refresh it with a new layer of white paint. Make sure the paint color you choose goes well with the color of the siding, though. If the rest of the house seems a bit dull, though, maybe your front door could be the pop of color that your home needs. 

Change out the porch lights on the front of your house. They’ve probably been there since the house was built and could use a serious upgrade. Pick some that fit your home’s style and catch the attention of people who are checking out the house. 

Symmetry is very easy on the eyes and is attractive to everybody. Especially if you decide to go with a fun color for the front door or want the house to seem more appealing from the street, using symmetry will draw people in. Making sure the plants in the front are symmetrical, having your furniture on the front porch symmetrical, etc., there are different things you can do to give the front of your house a balanced look, even just by rearranging the stuff you already have.

Make sure your windows are clean! Something that could make people think twice about checking out your home is foggy or just generally dirty windows. It’s something that doesn’t take up too much time and will show people that you take care of the house. 

Keep things out of the yard that other people may think are unattractive. Children’s toys, lawn gnomes, sports equipment, all of it should be put away before potential buyers see the house.

Switch out your mailbox to something more fun and modern. I’m sure your mailbox is something that you never really thought to upgrade, but the mailbox is one of the first things you see when you go to someone’s house, so why wouldn’t you upgrade it and make it look nice?

You can do many things to upgrade the curb appeal to make your house look great to potential buyers. These are just a few things that often get looked over but can end up making a big difference in how quickly your house gets sold. 

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