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Getting to Know Your New Community

Moving isn’t always easy, especially if you’re moving to an area in which you’re unfamiliar. Whether that’s moving to an entirely new part of the country or just a few towns over, trying to become a part of your new community can be a bit of a struggle. Here are some things you can do to immerse yourself in your new community. 

  1. One of the first things you should do is introduce yourself to your new neighbors. If you’re an introvert or you feel awkward talking to strangers in general, this one might be a bit difficult. Still, if you hit it off with them, it would be nice to have some people right in the neighborhood to help you figure out what your new area is like!
  2. In the Summer, there are most likely some exciting things happening outside that can help you connect with new people. During the winter, there are always holiday festivities occurring. You can’t go wrong by checking out the local events put on by your town! Read the events section of your town’s website and check out some of the local festivities. 
  3. Go out to local restaurants and bars! There are probably some restaurants and bars that get busy on the weekends, and it wouldn’t hurt to talk to some new people and make conversation. Just look up the places in town that seem to get the best reviews and check those out.
  4. Go for walks and hikes in the parks near you. If you have a dog, go check out the local dog park. If you’re anywhere near water, head to the local beaches. Get to know the local trails and other outdoor activities that are available to you now. 
  5. If your new town has any tourist type of activities, take some time to check those out and learn about the history of your new town. It’s always exciting to learn something new about the place you live, and it’s an excellent way to understand the culture of the people around you in your new town as well. 
  6. If you have kids, take them around the new neighborhood on your bikes or even walk around your new area with them. Maybe there are other kids in the community that your kids will go to school with that they could befriend! 

There are some fun ideas to help familiarize yourself with your new location and community! You can do many things, but these are some fun ideas that can help make your move a little easier.

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